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CONSTANT est une association bruxelloise, crée en 1997, qui a pour but de promouvoir auprès du public et des artistes, des oeuvres créatives et /ou critiques utilisant les nouveaux médias en dialogue avec d’autres formes d’expression. Pour ce faire, Constant organise des expositions, des conférences, des ateliers, publie des textes , en vue de développer les problématiques médiatiques actuelles.


  • Naive Bayes raconte

    An Mertens experiments with forms that reveal the identity of algorithms. For this lecture-performance she takes on the "Bayesian naive classifier", an algorithm widely used to sort spam in our mailboxes, to analyze feelings on social media, but also to define whether a text is written by a (...)
  • Iterations IV, esc medien kunst labor

    26 mars, par Peter Westenberg — Iterations
    ITERATIONS is committed to the future of artistic collaboration in digitally networked contexts. Multidisciplinary artists and practitioners are brought together to create speculative works that feed the imagination of possible modes of artistic collaboration. Through a series of hands-on (...)
  • Feminist Fermentation Reading Session
    26 mars, par Femke Snelting — Constant_V
    From microperformativity to compost politics, and from the microbial commons to the microontologies of sex: How to think with live cultures of fermentation? Sara, Livia and Femke have collected texts from feminist and queer theory that reflect on microbial modes of togetherness and the (...)
  • The SNCBench

    25 mars, par Donatella — Constant_V
    The SNCBench is the latest in a series of free objects designed and created by the collective Libre Objet. It completes a line of street furniture that started with the uHbench a few years ago. Commissioned by Constant to replace the old uHbench that was made during a workshop in 2015, the (...)
  • Networks with an attitude : Stories 02

    25 mars, par Wendy Van Wynsberghe — Networks with an Attitude,
    Stories, presentations and reports of what happened during part two of the worksession: 'Long live the Internets' and a booklaunch. Booklaunch 'Technological Sovereignty' translation to Dutch + discussion We deserve to have other technologies, better than those we currently have and known as (...)

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