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CONSTANT est une association bruxelloise, crée en 1997, qui a pour but de promouvoir auprès du public et des artistes, des oeuvres créatives et /ou critiques utilisant les nouveaux médias en dialogue avec d’autres formes d’expression. Pour ce faire, Constant organise des expositions, des conférences, des ateliers, publie des textes , en vue de développer les problématiques médiatiques actuelles.


  • Collective Conditions for Re-Use (CC4r)

    25 mai, par Femke Snelting — Authors of the future
    The CC4r articulates conditions for re-using authored materials. It is inspired by the principles of Free Culture but tries to respond to a growing discomfort with licenses that remain bound to the idea of authorship as ownership and which rely on an universalist approach to openness. The CC4r (...)
  • Constant_V : Technopolice

    25 mai, par Peter Westenberg — Constant_V
    A cartographic installation by the collective Technopolice will be hosted in Constant's window. Opening: Wednesday June the 30th, 2021 at 18:00 The deployment of "Smart city" (security) tools aiming at controlling, monitoring, classifying, punishing in order to orient and regulate behaviors (...)
  • Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories

    20 mai, par Peter Westenberg — Bureaucracksy
    Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories is a collection of contributions in many media that originate from the worksession Bureaucracksy. To be published in September 2021. - Bureaucracksy
  • Radio Implicancies

    26 avril, par Femke Snelting — And more...
    Testing 2, 1, 4. test. test. Radio Implicancies is back with eight weekly self-hosted broadcasts developed for and with XPUB, Piet Zwart Media Design Master in Rotterdam; Thursdays from 16:00-17:00. Radio Implicancies emits the signals of changing constellations, bringing forth different (...)
  • Constant_F
    21 avril, par Donatella — Constant_V
    Constant_V is a series of small-scale installations in the window of the Constant office, at rue du Fortstraat 5 in Saint-Gilles. On Saturday May 8, Constant_V will move to the neighbours in the rue du Fortstraat. It is an invitation to discover the evolution of previously exhibited works and (...)

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