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CONSTANT est une association bruxelloise, crée en 1997, qui a pour but de promouvoir auprès du public et des artistes, des oeuvres créatives et /ou critiques utilisant les nouveaux médias en dialogue avec d’autres formes d’expression. Pour ce faire, Constant organise des expositions, des conférences, des ateliers, publie des textes , en vue de développer les problématiques médiatiques actuelles.


  • Collective Conditions @ Code & Context

    4 avril, par Femke Snelting — Collective Conditions
    Elodie and Femke present and discuss Collective Conditions with students of Code & Context, an interdisciplinary Bachelor programme at the Technische Hochschule in Cologne, Germany. - Collective Conditions
  • RDI 4 : Hiding trees among the forest

    4 avril, par Femke Snelting — Reclaiming Digital Infrastructures
    Reclaiming Digital Infrastructures is a research collaboration with KASK School of Arts in Gent taking serious the question how to understand digital networks and communication tools as an integral part of the art education. RDI4: Hiding trees among the forest During this session, Seda (...)
  • Monday Readings : Architectural Drawing

    3 avril, par dickreckard — And more...
    Monday Readings are a series of convivial situations to research our technological and infrastructural inter-dependencies. They bring our everyday technical encounters in conversation with theoretical and political thinking, by close-reading technologies as if they were texts, and viceversa. (...)
  • Warp : Bureaucracksy

    3 avril, par Femke Snelting — Bureaucracksy
    This Warp* documents the worksession Bureacracksy. Bureaucracksy took place between 7 and 12 December 2020 and brought together artivist practices around the imaginative re-appropriations of rules and regulations. Critical attitudes, artistic positions, creative bureaucrats re-purposed and (...)
  • Constant is looking for a new colleague

    3 avril, par Femke Snelting — About
    Constant is looking for a person (f/x/m) to join the current team one day a week starting September 1, 2021. The new person contributes to the development of the association's program through her/his digital art and experimental practice, while engaging with feminist and intersectional (...)

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