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CONSTANT est une association bruxelloise, crée en 1997, qui a pour but de promouvoir auprès du public et des artistes, des oeuvres créatives et /ou critiques utilisant les nouveaux médias en dialogue avec d’autres formes d’expression. Pour ce faire, Constant organise des expositions, des conférences, des ateliers, publie des textes , en vue de développer les problématiques médiatiques actuelles.


  • Iterations #5 : Collective Conditions worksession

    3 avril, par Donatella — Iterations,
    In the framework of the European project Iterations, a worksession on the conditions for/of collectivity took place from 8 until 16 November 2019 at Ateliers Mommen, in Brussels. Collective Conditions invited artists, software developers, theorists, activists and others to experiment with the (...)
  • Word2vec in Morlanwelz

    This Algolit session will be a special edition. We will leave with the train at 8:30 from Bruxelles-Midi to the beautiful Musée Royal de Mariemont near La Louvière. In the morning we will be visiting 'Une Anthologie', an installation that Gijs de Heij & An Mertens made in the framework of the (...)
  • 2019 publications

    21 janvier, par An — Books with an Attitude,
    The website of Books with an Attitude has been updated with the 2019 publications of Constant and friends. Feel free to discover the catalogues of Constant_V, Diversions and Data Workers; and the fascinating publications Footfall Almanac 2019 and Networks of One's Own (Varia Zone). For each of (...)
  • Constant @ Privacy Salon

    15 janvier, par Donatella — And more...
    In the framework of the collective exhibition MENSCH MASCHINE, curated by Thierry Vandenbussche and Privacy Salon and presented on the occasion of the Computer Privacy and Data Protection Conference (CPDP 2020) in Brussels, Constant proposes a 'reading corner' filled with publications around (...)
  • Occupying the middle

    14 janvier, par Peter Westenberg — And more...
    Occupying the middle On Artistic Research and the Arts, Sciences and Technology transdisciplinary practices Constant is invited in a panel that is part of the closing event of BOZAR and JRC's Datami exhibition, Culture Action (...)

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