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CONSTANT est une association bruxelloise, crée en 1997, qui a pour but de promouvoir auprès du public et des artistes, des oeuvres créatives et /ou critiques utilisant les nouveaux médias en dialogue avec d’autres formes d’expression. Pour ce faire, Constant organise des expositions, des conférences, des ateliers, publie des textes , en vue de développer les problématiques médiatiques actuelles.


  • Wizards of OS

    17 septembre, par Peter Westenberg — And more...
    Constant (Nicolas Malevé) participated in the 4 the edition of the Wizards of Operating System. - And more...
  • RDI report publication

    10 septembre, par Peter Westenberg — Reclaiming Digital Infrastructures
    What we learn and how we learn are closely related. Now that digital learning seems to have become a new norm, it is important to be able to read and understand the digital tools that we use and allow artistic knowledge to play a role in this. This collaboration with KASK, School of Arts in (...)
  • Constant_V : TALKING NETWORK

    31 août, par Donatella — Constant_V
    Opening: Thursday 23 September 2021 at 18:00 LATOS, SLATO, OTLAS and TALOS are among the names from which a group of researchers (Ayoh Kré, Lionel Maes, Deborah Levy & Antoine Wang) operate. What they have in common is that their privileged fields of study are made up of a sediment of (...)
  • Technopolice Surveillance walk

    24 août, par Peter Westenberg — Constant_V,
    It's hard not to notice them, cameras are everywhere! In the streets, in the offices, in the lobbies, in the stores... How did this surveillance method develop until it became omnipresent? What budgets are allocated to it? With what objectives or justifications? How are they distributed in (...)
  • Unbound Libraries documentation

    25 juin, par Elodie — Unbound Libraries
    The documentation of Unbound Libraries is there! Unbound Libraries was a worksession that happened in June 2020. It was the first worksession of Constant entirely online as covid had made its entry into our realities. For this documentation, we decided to invite 4 participants of the (...)

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